Over at Bad Astronomy: An awesome photo of a total lunar eclipse during a thunderstorm.

The camera captures lightning, of course, not thunder… But what would thunder look like if it could be photographed? And how could it be done?


Quantum Thinking

An interesting article on New Scientist compares humans’ oftentimes not-quite-logical thinking to quantum probability theory. Google’s already looking into using it to provide more relevant search results. I would think this would have major applications in AI down the track – a big component of AI likely being the ability to find relevance between seemingly unconnected concepts. Worth a read.

Sidetracks from the article:

Disjunction Effect, a term I vaguely recall skimming in a psychology textbook. Occurs when a person prefers option A over B if event E is known to have occurred or not; and B over A when the outcome of event E is unknown. This might explains why people seem so fascinating until you sleep with them.

Hilbert spaces, a bunch of mathematical symbols that explain why guitars sound so much better when they’re tuned. Probably.